Language of the Term

At Pyrcroft Grange Primary School we believe it is polite to take an interest in one another’s languages.  We value the different places of birth and culture of children and their families, and have introduced a language of the term.

The languages we have chosen are: -

Term Language  
Autumn Spanish Spain
Spring Sign Language (Makaton)


Summer French


To promote each month’s language: -

  • Each class will answer the register at least once a week in the selected language
  • All pupils will learn to say “Hello” in the chosen language
  • Every class will display a language of the term banner
  • Classes will participate in various activities based on each language
  • Children who speak the language of the term will be asked to model the language to their peers

Why not do some research of your own and see if you can learn some simple words and phrases?  You could impress your teacher and friends on the first day of each term by saying "Good morning" in the right language!

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