Senior Leadership Team
Img 0228

Mrs Sue Nardoni


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Img 0014

Miss Nicola Colley

Deputy Headteacher

Head of COIN & Special Educational Needs

Data Protection Lead

Designated Safeguarding Lead

KS2 Reading and Writing Lead 

MFL Lead

Img 0711

Mrs Sara Perkins

Key Stage 2 Lead 

Maths Lead

Img 0029

Mrs Lyndsay Roberts

Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Lead

Key Stage 1 Reading and Phonics Lead

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Nursery

Nursery Little Gems Team
Img 0288

Ms Jodie Sherlock

Early Years Teacher

Img 0295

Ms Karen Francom

Nursery Nurse

Staff 44

Ms Lucy Constant

Nursery Nurse


Mrs Joanne Hunter

Nursery Nurse


Mrs Sarah Simmons

Nursery Admin

Img 1409

Mrs Nina Hiley 

Nursery Lunchtime Supervisor

Reception Diamond Class Team 
Img 0029

Mrs Lyndsay Roberts

Reception Class Teacher

Phonics & Key Stage 1 Lead   

Img 0019

Miss Jess Perkins

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Img 0025

Mrs Ali Chennel

Teaching Assistant

Img 0562

Miss Aimee Sanders

Teaching Assistant PM

Year 1 Ruby Class Team

Mrs Chloe Reed

Year 1 Class Teacher

RE Lead

Img 0242

Mrs Janice Sherwood

Teaching Assistant

Img 0575

 Mrs Erika Deakins

Teaching Assistant (PM)

Year 2 Emerald Class Team

Miss Alexis Puddle

Class Teacher

Img 0276

Miss Pippa Bond

Teaching Assistant 


Miss Tara Goodfellow

Teaching Assistant 

Year 3 Sapphire Class Team
Img 1063

Mr Ed Carpenter

Year 3 Class Teacher 

History, Geography and Computing Lead

Img 1073

Mrs Leica Glennon

Teaching Assistant

Img 1065

Mrs Janice Blanchard

Teaching Assistant (AM)

Img 0244

Mrs Linda Cotton

Teaching Assistant (PM)

Year 4 Topaz Class Team
Img 1417

Mrs Sophie Woodgate

Year 4 Class Teacher

Science Lead

Img 1077

Miss Charlie Hatzfeld

High Level Teaching Assistant

Website Coordinator

Educational Visit Coordinator (EVC)

Img 1235

Miss Jenny Cooper

High Level Teaching Assistant 

Year 5 Opal Class Team 
Img 1233

Mrs Helena MacLennan

Year 5 Class Teacher

Img 1243

Mrs Daisy Quinn

Teaching Assistant (AM)


Miss Tammy Burgess

Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Amber Class Team
Img 0711

Mrs Sara Perkins 

Year 6 Class Teacher

Key Stage Two Lead

Maths Lead

Img 1430

Mrs Sharon Ayres

Teaching Assistant

Staff 26

Mrs Kelly Crossan

Teaching Assistant

Img 0586

Mrs Alison Tedder

Teaching Assistant (PM)

COIN and Interventions Team
Img 0589

Mrs Abbie Sorrell

KS2 COIN Teacher 

Art Lead

Img 0565

Miss Charlotte Ross



Img 1597

Mrs Chris Snelling

Senior COIN Assistant


Img 0562

Miss Amiee Sanders

EYFS/KS1 COIN Teaching Assistant

Img 0575

Mrs Erica Deakins

EYFS/KS1 COIN Teaching Assistant

Img 0244

Mrs Linda Cotton

EYFS/KS1 COIN Teaching Assistant (PM)

Img 0602

Mrs Karen Hawkins 

KS2 COIN High Level Teaching Assistant

Img 0586

Mrs Alison Tedder

KS2 COIN Teaching Assistant

Img 0594

Miss Cherise Salmon

KS2 COIN High Level Teaching Assistant

Other Teaching Staff
Staff 33

Mrs S Oliver

Computer Tutor

Staff 39

Mr Mark Fenton

PE Coach 

Non-Teaching Staff
Img 0003

Mrs Hazel Flack

School Secretary

Headteacher's PA

Img 0007

Mrs Anne Smith

Office Administrator


Mrs Vanessa Drew


Img 0703

Mrs Theresa Rudley

Finance Officer

Staff 13

Mrs Sue Braine-Porter

Catering Supervisor

Staff 30

Mrs Bev Mitchell

Catering Assistant


Mr Aaron Walding

Premises Manager

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