Key Stage 2 COIN

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KS2 COIN have enjoyed being back at forest school. This half term they have been busy using role play in the mud kitchen and searching for bugs. They have worked collaboratively in the craft corner to create a number line using conkers. Around the campfire they have enjoyed seasonal treats such as apples toasted in the fire.

In the COIN children take part in a carousel of fine motor skills activities appropriate to their level every morning. These activities include handwriting, learning to use a knife and fork, cutting skills and tying shoes laces.

In our writing lessons some of the children learnt how to write instructions to make a fruit salad. Before they could write them they had to make the fruit salad and taste the delicious fruit!

Some children were wary of trying fruits that they do not usually like, however they were very brave and tried them and lots of them liked them. Lots of thumbs up!

We had a fantstic World Book Day. The children all looked amazing in their costumes. The highlight of the week for them was taking part in the Masked Reader where they had to guess which teacher was behind the book!

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