Enriching Opportunities

We believe passionately at Pyrcroft Grange Primary School that children are given a wide range of opportunities to offer a broad and balanced curriculum. 

At Pyrcroft Grange School we know how important first-hand engaging opportunities are to our children so provide a wide range of trips, visits and workshops.

Children enjoy a range of trips that deepen their knowledge in a particular area of the curriculum. We have strong links with the local Chertsey Museum and the children attend a range of engaging workshops and resource boxes are used so the children explore a topic through real life artefacts.

Over the last few years the school has developed a strong working relationship with two key organisations, Primary Robins and Delight.

Primary Robins

Primary Robins was founded in September 2013. The project enriches the lives and expands the outlook of school children who may have little exposure to music. The project is startling in its simplicity and effectiveness.

The Robins sit around the piano together and learn traditional songs every week.

Every term the Robins have a new specially prepared Song Book of around ten traditional songs, one of which is in a foreign language.

The Song Book includes musical notation. It is not intended to teach the children to read music, but some see the pattern of how they sing and what the dots do.

In Year 5 the children participate in a summer concert in a local opera house.

Watch their video here


Their mission is to deliver quality arts-based programmes that broaden children’s horizons, increase self-esteem and aspiration, and better engage them in learning – creating positive experiences and outcomes for children, teachers, parents and carers.

Year 4 Delight in Watts

Young artists create high-quality artwork which is exhibited in a professional setting and celebrated by both the local and wider community.

Year 5 Delight in Shakespeare

Develops children’s enthusiasm for drama, storytelling and heritage text and ensures they have a strong foundation in Shakespeare before moving on to secondary school.

Forest School

Following a rolling rota, children from Early Years and Key Stage 1 visit Willows Forest School and learn a range of skills within the outdoor environment. This is an enriching experience that they thoroughly enjoy.

Collaborative Learning Experiences

Children have the opportunity to attend sports events, academic competitions with local primary and secondary schools. This allows them to share their ideas and develop their understanding of key concepts with their peers.


Children with disabilities have the opportunity to attend a local sports centre and experience a wide range of sports.


At Pyrcroft Grange Primary School we offer the pupils are wide range of engaging clubs. The school closely monitors the children who attend clubs so we can be sure they are accessible to all groups of pupils.

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