As part of COIN we offer a range of different therapies depending upon a child's
individual needs.

Fine Motor Skills (FMS)

Fine Motor Skills is an integral focus every morning for the COIN children. FMS involves the small muscles of
the body that enable such functions as writing, grasping small objects and fastening clothing. These skills are important in school activities as well as life in general.

Speech and Language (SALT)

Speech and Language groups are run every morning by our Speech and Language
teaching assistant.

In these groups we aim to promote the following:

  • Attention and listening skills using visual cards, visual timetables and appropriate level of language
  • To help children to understand spoken language by using a multisensory approach
  • To follow strategies to help develop their vocabulary by the use of role-playing and reading books that are age-appropriate
  • To support children with expressive speech disorders by promoting self-esteem and modelling appropriate language
  • Auditory memory activities looking at strategies that can help us to develop memory
  • Development of expressive language skills by asking open-ended questions
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Developing independent learning for all the children to have time to learn, plan and explore
  • Understanding emotions
  • Social skills
  • Narrative skills
  • Grammar

Horse Riding

Our horse riding sessions take place at Laris Farm, Windlesham Road, Chobham. These sessions are delivered by Quest R.D.A. and held on Mondays 1.30 – 3.15 pm. Children will travel by minibus with staff.

Horse riding activities undertaken at the riding centre are excellent for supporting the development of gross motor skills, awareness of space and skills relating to both communication, following and giving instructions. And, on top of this, the children thoroughly enjoy themselves!


Hydrotherapy sessions take place at Manor Mead School, held Thursday 10.30 – 12.00 pm.

For these sessions, our Physio Therapist will produce a programme of special exercises which will be carried out in a warm-water pool, combining the benefits of exercise and soothing warm water.  Hydrotherapy allows muscles to relax, whilst easing joint pain.

Children will travel by minibus and be accompanied by staff, two of whom have been trained by The Royal Life Saving Society.

Sensory Garden

Our outside area for our Centre based children has been designed for and will be used to stimulate our children’s sensory processing needs and to develop their progress in learning.

We are aware that our children need to access learning in a variety of different ways and sometimes they need to be stimulated, channelled and challenged in learning that does not necessitate them sitting down at a classroom table. Therefore it is crucial that we provide an environment where we can fulfil their learning experiences in a way that they can access to allow them to reach their full potential.

Sensory Studio

The aim of The Sensory Studio is to provide an environment which promotes a multi-sensory approach to language development, relaxation, speech therapy, hand/eye coordination and gross/fine motor skills.

Our COIN children with autism need additional therapy to help them to make sense of the world and to aid the development of language skills. The Sensory Studio helps them to enjoy and achieve and make the best possible progress in their development by:

  • Providing visual, tactile and auditory stimulation
  • Promoting relaxation when required
  • Encouraging and developing imaginative play
  • Allowing the development of fine/gross motor skills
  • Allowing speech to be developed
  • Promoting eye contact and communication

The Sensory Studio is an environment in which primary senses are stimulated by wonderful combinations of music, lighting effects, gentle vibrations, tactile sensations and aromas.

The purpose of The Sensory Studio is clearly defined for each child, and their sessions are devised to support class strategies and IEP’s, including the promotion of sensory development or relaxation and calming.

Sensory Circuits

Our daily sensory circuits are designed to calm, stimulate and organise the brain and body. Activities are carefully chosen for individual children to enable them to be ready for learning

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