House Teams

When children go up into KS2 at Pyrcroft Grange they are placed in a House Team, with siblings and families usually placed in the same team.

We have four teams which are Hawking (blue), Edison (yellow), Einstein (green) and Nightingale (red).

House points are awarded both in class and around the school for effort, attitude and achievement. The children receive a coloured token for their house which are collected together in class. At the end of the week the house captains collect the counters from the classes and place in the main containers. In-school competitions take place throughout the school year, including sports day, and the house cup is awarded at the end of each term to the team with the most points.

Hawking Edison Einstein Nightingale
Hawking Edison Einstein Nightingale
House Captains
Honey Ruby Megan Charlie / Max S
Sports Captains
Zach Pablo Meadow Harry
English Captains
Sienna Zara Mia Dollyanna
Maths Captains
Theo Lily-Rose Isabel Addison
Science Captains
Aleks Joe Abdul Max F
Music Captains
Isla Freya   Lilia / Ludmyla
Baran Sol Georgia James / Sam

Roles and Reponsibilities

House Captains
  • Represent their house
  • Collect house tokens every week
  • Count up house tokens every half term
  • Encourage their house mates and make year 3 children welcome in their new houses
Sports Captains
  • Help at sports day and inter-house cross country event
  • Display sportsmanship at all times and be a role model for younger children
  • Help at infants sports day
English Captains
  • Take a lead during English week and World Book Day
  • Assist in keeping the library tidy
  • Assist the Deputy Head during inter-house spelling competition
Maths Captains
  • Assist during the inter-house maths competition
  • Suggest other maths events that could take place throughout the school
Music & Drama Captains
  • Help during singing assemblies with music and powerpoints
  • Help with the organisation of special assemblies
Science Captains
  • Take a lead during science week
  • Help promote science across the school
  • Help to get the hall ready before assembly
  • Hold the doors at the beginning and end of assembly
  • Remind younger children of how to behave in the corridor
  • Draw up and monitor a prefect rota
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