Year 5 Opal Class

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Miss Antony Miss Cooper Mrs Tedder
Class Teacher High Level Teaching Assistant  Teaching Assistant (PM)

Year 5 have been busy investigating air resistance. They made parachutes and carried out an experiment to answer the enquiry question: Does the surface area of a parachute affect how long it takes for it to fall to the ground? They all worked wonderfully in their groups by sharing their knowledge and understanding with each other. 

This term Year 5 had the chance to become our solar system! In groups, each person was one of the 8 planets/the moon/ the sun. They were able to recall and share facts about their chosen part, work wonderfully as a team and perform confidently to the rest of the class. 

On Wednesday 10th January, Key Stage 2 classes were invited to join the Guildford Shakespeare Company for a performance of The Tempest. It was an interactive introduction which included some of the Year 5 children taking on a variety of roles and plenty of audience participation. Even Mr Carpenter, our Year 3 teacher got a leading part! The Guildford Shakespeare Company presented this to the children in an accessible and entertaining way which enthused everyone who came to watch.

However, this was just the start of the children’s project linked with the Delight in Shakespeare charity. Year 5 will be working on their own performance of the play over the coming weeks and will be looking at many different skills required to perfect their own production of the famous play.


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