Career-related learning at the primary level opens the world of opportunities that exist in the wider community. It’s about showing children that opportunities are endless, exposing them to a wide range of experiences, and encouraging them to understand that they can be anything they want, developing aspirations, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or where they live. It essentially dismantles the gendered and racialised stereotypes about careers that children as young as six can begin to develop.

Career-related learning has been proven to motivate and fire the imagination of primary children, especially when it comes to their learning, as they are beginning to learn more about their own abilities and talents and see the links between their learning and their future.

At Pyrcroft Grange Primary School we have begun to look at the skills, knowledge and experiences children need to start this process and have engaged the support of a secondary colleague to adapt a careers framework which details the skills, knowledge, and experiences we believe are needed. Many of the criteria are covered during subject specific teaching and we reinforce this by inviting visitors including parents to discuss their careers.


· Excite and motivate children about their learning by linking and embedding in the curriculum strong connections between education and the world of work

· Broaden children’s horizons and raise aspiration

· Help children see a clear link and purpose between their learning experiences and their future

· Challenge stereotypes that children and their parents often have about jobs and the people who do them

· Support the raising of standards of achievement and attainment for all children

· Help children learn more about their own talents and abilities and instil greater confidence

· Tailor career-related learning to the different ages and needs of all children

The school is a member of the Primary Futures community. Primary Futures is a simple and effective way to link learning to the wider world. Developed with teachers, it connects primary schools with diverse workplace volunteers to take part in aspirational activities and talk with children about their careers.

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