Year 2 Emerald Class

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Year 2 had a dress up day to showcase a significant individual who they researched over the summer.

The children in Year 2 worked incredibly hard to put on their very best performance for the Nativity. They said their lines with confidence and sung well.

Well done Year 2.

Year 2 shared their learning at celebration evening.

In Year 2’s Maths lessons we have been looking at Money. We began our learning by identifying the different coins and notes and progressed this through adding up pounds and pence to make a amount.

We set up a shop in class where the children needed to “pay” for their morning snacks. Children were encouraged to think of different ways of showing the same amount and write this as a number sentence.

Oh no! The teddy bears haven’t been able to have their picnics because of all the rain.

The bears asked Year 2 to help them investigate which material out of clingfilm, tinfoil, felt and nylon would be the most suitable for making an umbrella. We discussed that the material would need to be strong, lightweight and waterproof. We set up a fair test and found out that nylon is the most suitable material to make an umbrella and felt is the least suitable.

Emerald Class were lucky enough to have Mike Dilger in from The One Show to join them for a bug hunt around our playground. We learnt about different habitats each bug lives in and used a variety of tools to find and catch the bugs for us to have a closer look at before releasing them back into their habitat.  

This half term in Geography, Emerald class has been learning about our school and local area. We have looked at using a compass and locational and directional language to describe the locations of features of our local area. We used this knowledge and our map skills to find easter eggs hidden around the playground.



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