Attendance is of paramount importance at Pyrcroft Grange Primary School. Children need to attend school regularly to make excellent progress and become successful learners, prepared for the next stage in their educational journey. The whole school attendance target is 96% and above. Children across the school are aware of how important attending school regularly is and there are a range of incentives to promote excellent attendance:

  • A positive school culture in which the profile of attendance is visible.
  • Strong trusted relationships with pupils and families.
  • Recognition of improved attendance.
  • Termly certificates that celebrate 100% attendance
  • Letters sent home to parents celebrating improved and outstanding attendance.

Key staff linked to attendance.

  • Mrs S Nardoni (Head and DSL overseeing attendance)
  • Mrs S Simmons (Attendance Officer)
  • Mr S Miles (Governor linked to promoting positive attendance)
  • Miss N Colley (Head of COIN/School SENCo)
  • Class teachers (Open door policy)
  • Surrey Inclusion Team

As outlined in our attendance policy the school office must be notified on the first day your child is absent and any subsequent days that follow. Failure to notify us of a reason for absence may result in a home visit being conducted to ensure you and your child's safety. If the whereabouts of a child cannot be determined, they will be reported as 'missing/absent' from education to the local authority.

If you wish to apply for a leave of absence for your child(ren), please collect a form from the school office.

What if my child is too ill to go to school?  

It’s usually safe for parents and carers to send their children to school with mild illnesses, like a minor cough, runny nose or sore throat.  

However, children should stay at home if they have a high temperature of 38C or above.  

The NHS has published guidance to help parents and carers decide whether their child is well enough to attend school, including information on a range of common childhood illnesses and conditions, such as coughs, colds, chickenpox and headlice. 

Attendance Procedures

Mrs Nardoni (Headteacher) and Mrs Simmons (Attendance Officer) are on hand during the week should you need to discuss an attendance query or difficulty. You can contact the school office to speak to them or arrange a meeting. They may also contact you directly depending on your child's individual attendance figure, or persistent lateness. Look below to see the type of support that might be put in place depending on your child's attendance figure and circumstances:

90-95% - The class teacher will discuss your child's needs, learning that may have been missed and concerns you may have. This is an informal chat designed to support you and your child. There may be a follow up conversation with the school SENCO for SEN children.

Below 90% - All children with attendance below 90% are classed as a persistent absentee. The school will work with parents and pupils to help improve their attendance, address medical needs and prevent any barriers to coming in to school. At this stage we will monitor your child's attendance weekly and contact you regularly.

Stage 1 - Initially we will send you a letter when your child's attendance drops below 90%.

Stage 2 - If your child's attendance continues to drop, we will get in touch to arrange an over the phone or in person meeting. We will advise you of support that can be put in place, including attendance nurture groups for your child to attend during school.

Stage 3 - Generally, with the actions put in place above and working together your child's attendance will be seen to improve. However, if it is still dropping then you will be invited into school to meet the Headteacher and the Inclusion Officer. At this stage there is the possibility that school will no longer be able to authorise illness without medical evidence, or that a penalty notice may be issued. 

Attendance Policy

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