Year 3 Sapphire Class

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Year 3 have had an exciting half term learning about the Stone Age.

We have been very lucky to learn with artefacts from Chertsey Museum which have helped us find out how Stone Age people lived.

In Year 3, the excitement of learning computing reached new heights as students delved into the world of coding with BBC Micro:bits. These young, enthusiastic learners quickly grasped the basics of programming, channeling their creativity and problem-solving skills into a fun and engaging project: creating their own digital name badges. The classroom buzzed with energy as each student meticulously programmed their Micro:bit, experimenting with LED lights and simple commands. This hands-on experience not only introduced them to the fundamentals of coding but also fostered a sense of accomplishment and pride in their digital creations. The project was a perfect blend of technology and personal expression, making their computing lessons a highlight of the term so far.

In Sapphire class,  we have been having a lot of fun learning about history this term. We’ve been getting our hands dirty. Instead of just reading from books, we’ve made things the Romans used to have, like shields for battles and coil pots for keeping things in. By building these, the children really felt like they've been stepping back into Roman times. They’ve got to understand not just the big events, but also what daily life was like long ago during the Roman occupation of Britain. This way of learning is exciting and helps them remember what they've learned. It's a great reminder for us all that learning can be fun and hands-on.



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