More Able Pupils

The school has developed an ambitious curriculum that enables ALL pupils including the most able pupils to be challenged and stretched through applying their learning in a wide range of varied contexts, situations and challenges.

A pupil can be defined as more able in an identified area of the school curriculum in which they are learning at a level significantly above their year group peers. At Pyrcroft Grange Primary School we recognise the importance of identifying these children and providing them with learning opportunities that will challenge their understanding, develop a depth in learning and push them beyond their natural comfort zone.

When identifying most able pupils a range of factors are taken into account:

  • The level of attainment achieved at the end of Early Years or Key Stage 1
  • Observing pupils in a range of learning contexts to identify those who demonstrate social or leadership skills, an ability to articulate their thinking using high quality vocabulary, an aptitude for problem solving and application of knowledge and skills across a range of learning situations
  • Inviting pupils to reflect on their own strengths, interests and aspirations
  • Noting the progress pupils make in an identified area and judging whether they achieve beyond the level of attainment expected for their age
  • Noting the initiative used by pupils in tackling tasks or adapting conditions to suit circumstances

At Pyrcroft Grange Primary School, every child has access to Quality First Teaching in which differentiation (assessment for learning) will ensure that all pupils have access to a relevant, engaging and ambitious curriculum. Within the classroom, staff use a range of flexible learning and teaching strategies to keep the ablest children interested and provide them with opportunities for deeper learning, such as higher order thinking skills, open questions, articulating their thinking in their own words, problem solving and independent learning. This is supported by the close monitoring of the progress of identified more able pupils through learning walks, pupil voice, work scrutiny and professional conversations with teachers.

The school is a member of NACE (National Association for Able Children) and uses their teaching tools for in school teacher training. NACE specialises in working with teachers to improve learning for high attaining pupils and opening doors to a bright future.

Across the school, leadership skills are actively promoted through a forward thinking school council and an eco-hero committee.

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