Curriculum Overview

At Pyrcroft Grange Primary School we offer a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all pupils the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

We offer a curriculum of opportunity and challenge, where there are no limits to learning. Our children are at the heart of everything we do and at the centre of all decisions we make, we encourage each child to be proud and walk around the school with their head held high. Children learn best when they are engaged in their learning, can see links across the curriculum and take ownership of their learning. Our curriculum promotes enjoyment of learning through creativity, purpose and relevance. It is underpinned by key values that are embedded within the school culture and play a key part in developing our pupils into caring, respectful citizens.

We wish to create

  • Happy, confident children who strive to be the best they can be.
  • Learners who are exposed to a language-rich school environment and given the opportunity to articulate their thinking using high-quality vocabulary.
  • Learners who understand the role that personal responsibility and effort play in success.
  • Resilient learners who persist in the face of obstacles
  • Learners who are curious and ask questions about the world around them and want to make a positive contribution beyond the school community.
  • Learners who develop transferrable sustained knowledge for their continuous learning journeys.

Curriculum IntentIntent

Curriculum Implementation

To ensure that our ambitious curriculum is delivered to the highest standard, Pyrcroft Grange Primary School has a clear strategic overview for curriculum implementation. We carefully have designed, planned and implemented a curriculum that provides breadth, depth and balance.


Using careful analysis and discussion about our pupils’ backgrounds, life experiences and culture we are able to offer a range of experiences which contribute to every child receiving a full and rich curriculum. This includes aspirational and inclusive opportunities to enrich their lives and those of our whole school community.


We design, organise and plan our curriculum to ensure that children are not merely covering content but achieving a depth to their learning which enables them to use their knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of the curriculum. We ensure this by building in many opportunities for repetition and practise in every subject. Each teacher skilfully creates a curriculum led knowledge organiser which is centred around sticky knowledge which lays the foundation for future learning and progression. Knowledge organisers are an essential teaching tool and revisited frequently in high challenge, low threat learning contexts.


To ensure every child receives an appropriate mix of academic and personal development which means that in practice our curriculum places equal importance on core and foundation subjects. We understand that children will not be successful learners unless they are emotionally secure. Children’s physical and mental wellbeing are as valued and important as academic development. As a school we adopt high standards in all subjects. Our full and rich curriculum, with its excellent range of experiences, ensures that every pupil at Pyrcroft Grange Primary School makes excellent progress both academically and personally. Our broad and balanced curriculum that every child is given the opportunity to shine and flourish.

Our curriculum provides parity for all groups of pupils:

  • Delivery of our curriculum is through quality first teaching. Using a range of teaching styles and experiences we aim to foster in the children a love of learning and a passion for enquiry.
  • Lessons are planned to ensure enough time is given to retrieve prior knowledge, explore and deepen key learning, knowledge and skills.
  • Our curriculum is planned and sequenced, so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before, towards clearly defined end points in every subject
  • Through continuous professional development our teachers’ subject content knowledge consistently builds and develop over time.
  • Assessment for learning drives teaching of the curriculum. Assessment is designed to thoughtfully shape future learning. Interventions are promptly put in place to narrow gaps in learning.
  • Live marking is used in every lesson to assess against the learning objective and allow children to edit and improve their work. Misconceptions are addressed in lessons or in a same day intervention.
  • Challenge and high order questioning are constant features of lesson
  • Subject leaders have the knowledge, expertise and practical skill to take ownership of their specific subject with passion, ensuring that no child slips through the net.
  • Curriculum resources have been carefully selected (including opportunities for first hands experiences) to enhance our curriculum.
  • Strong links with local secondary schools and professional collaborative learning on the KS2/KS3 curriculum is in place.

Curriculum Impact

  • The rationale and aims are shared by all stakeholders.
  • There is model of curriculum progression for every subject
  • Curriculum mapping ensures sufficient coverage across the subject over time.
  • Secure academic and personal outcomes are a result of an ambitious, carefully sequenced curriculum.
  • Our curriculum reaches ALL pupils regardless of their starting points, culture, background or disability.
  • The curriculum challenges more able pupils and provides opportunities for them to apply their knowledge and skills in a range of contexts.
  • Subject leaders have clear roles and responsibilities to carry out their role in curriculum adaption and delivery.
  • It has raised aspiration and improved pupils’ confidence.
  • It develops curious pupils who will continue to strive forward with a thirst for knowledge.
  • It has developed positive attitudes to learning.
  • Pupils are highly motivated to succeed, and they display learning collaboratively in a respectful way.
  • Pupils read widely and often with fluency and comprehension appropriate to their age/ability.
  • Pupils are secondary school ready.

Subject Route Map

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