School Uniform

At Pyrcroft Grange Primary and Nursery School, we pride ourselves in being well presented, and ready for learning. We believe that wearing a school uniform fosters a sense of belonging to a community, bringing the children together and promoting a feeling of pride and equality.

Our school uniform is designed to be simple, practical, and economical. It can be ordered and purchased from Sports of Addlestone, Unit 4, Oak House, Victory Park Road, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2FG. All uniform without a school logo can be purchased from any retailer.

Second hand uniform can be obtained from the school office. Once a half term the school council and Eco Heroes run an upcycling second hand uniform event.

The school uniform consists of:

· Burgundy v neck sweatshirt or cardigan or fleece (with school logo if possible)

· White polo shirt (reception, Year 1 and 2)

· White shirt/blouse (Year 3 to Year 6)

· School tie (Key Stage 2 only, children are given first tie at the end of year 2)

· Grey trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore dress

· Grey/black/burgundy tights or socks

· Black shoes (no sandals or boots)

· Named wellington boots (Outdoor Opal Play)

· Warm, waterproof coat.

· Pyrcroft Grange book bag (Children are given their first one when they start in Reception)

All items must be clearly named.

Optional items

· Burgundy Fleece coat (with school logo)

· Burgundy school logo backpack

Nursery Class (optional)

· Little Gems sweatshirt

· Little Gems polo shirt

Optional summer uniform

· Summer dress burgundy and white

· Grey tailored shorts

PE Kit

· Burgundy/navy/black shorts/jogging bottoms/tracksuit (No commercial logos)

· Burgundy/navy/black sweatshirt (No commercial logos)

· White polo shirt/t shirt

· Plimsolls (KS1) trainers (KS2)

PE Days

Reception and Key Stage 1 children wear their PE kit into school on their allocated PE day/days and bring a full school uniform to change into, after their PE lesson.

Key Stage 2 Children wear their PE kit school into school on their allocated PE day/days and stay in their PE kit all day.

Forest School (Reception, Key Stage 1 and COIN)

When your child is participating in Forest School, they will need to wear suitable clothing for this activity and a letter will be sent home beforehand.

General Appearance

· Jewellery must not be worn for reasons of safety. If your child has pierced ears, only the smallest of studs should be worn to school, but these must be removed independently by the child for P.E or other outdoor lessons to prevent them from causing injury. Watches are allowed but smart watches are not permitted to be worn at school.

· Please note that long hair (shoulder length and below) should always be tied back, for both boys and girls. Hair ties, bows and headbands should be small and discreet in school colours only (burgundy, white, or black).

· Skirts should be an appropriate length and of a style which allows sitting comfortably on the floor. When shorts are worn, they should also be of an appropriate length.

· Children should not wear makeup or nail polish in school.

· Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school.

· Any temporary tattoos or drawings on hands or skin (unless for cultural or religious reasons) should be removed before coming to school.

Uniform Policy

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