Year 6 Amber Class

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Year 6 have been studying Ancient Greece and took part in a lively debate about whether it would have been better to live in the city state of Athens or whether Sparta would have been a better option. After they had finished, the children then voted and despite it being equal during the debate, you can see that the argument for Sparta was very persuasive.

As part of our History topic of The Ancient Greeks, we have been using the Keynote application on the IPads to create animated presentations and Gifs. We are writing non-chronological reports which include bullet pointed lists, a range of punctuation and the passive voice. We are then creating Keynote slides to which we can add live video or narration.

On Tuesday 14th November, Year 6 went to the annual Junior Citizen event at Thorpe Park. Whilst there we learnt about first aid, railway safety and the importance of staying active amongst many other activities. The children had a brilliant time working with different agencies from around Runnymede and learnt a lot about keeping safe. It is an important event for the children in Year 6 as it is part of their preparation and transition for secondary school.

During the second half of the autumn term the children have been investigating electrical circuits. First, they revised the commonly used symbols for electrical components and learnt how to draw circuits using these. They then constructed their own circuits with varying components and looked at what complete circuits require to work successfully. They have investigated what happens when more components are added to series circuits and developed their own investigations to find out what happens when you increase the voltage in a circuit.

During the first half of the Spring Term, Year 6 have been studying World War 2 as part of the History curriculum. Amongst a range of other topics, they have learnt about propaganda and how this was used during the war. They also researched the ‘Grow Your Own’ campaign and created their own posters.

In Science, the children have been studying light. In a recent investigation, they looked at the relationship between the size of a shadow cast by an object and the distance of the object from the light source. They then recorded their results in a table before checking for anomalous results. Some children decided to repeat the experiment before plotting their data on a line graph. This enabled them to draw a reasonable conclusion about their results.

Recently, Year 6 were treated to a fantastic production by Enact Performances. The show was to inform the children about all the jobs available in the NHS and how everyone has a pivotal role. The children were amazed at just how many different careers there were and were captivated by the mix of contemporary song and dance routines which brought the wonderful history of the NHS to life for them. They were also able to ask questions to the actors and were also able to have a Q and A session with a physiotherapist who could tell them more about their role within the NHS team. Following the performance, the children returned to class and made posters advertising the different aspects of the NHS.

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