Admissions Arrangements

Applying for a school place at Pyrcroft Grange:

Please click the Admissions Arrangements tab (to the left) for information on the Admissions Policy.

Please also see the surrey website for details of the admissions process and to apply for a Reception place at Pyrcroft Grange.

Please contact the School Office to check availability of places for any other year groups, including in-year admissions and transfers, and to arrange a school visit.

Please note that children attending the Nursery at Pyrcroft Grange WILL NOT automatically secure a Reception place at the school in the year that they turn aged 5.  There is a separate admissions process to join Reception.  Parents of children attending the Nursery needs to follow the Primary School Admissions Process, which is run by Surrey County Council (please see the Admissions section of the school website). Reception places will be offered based on the admissions criteria.  No preferential treatment can be given to those attending the Nursery at Pyrcroft Grange. 


Applications to join the Specialist COIN Centre at Pyrcroft Grange:

Applications to join the COIN at Pyrcroft Grange are open to children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Applications should be made online or you can request a form from your case officer.  Applications for children seeking a place at a specialist school or specialist centre provision will then be considered at the appropriate admissions forum and your case officer will notify you of the outcome.  Please click here for details of the Surrey County Council arrangements for applying for a place for a child with an EHCP and to apply online.