School Development Plan

Key Priorities and Success Criteria for 2019-20

Quality of Education


  • All members of the school community fully understand the school’s curriculum (design and intent)
  • Curriculum coverage allows all pupils to access the content and make progress through the curriculum
  • Each area of the curriculum has a clear progression model
  • Embed the school’s curriculum to ensure it is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills.


  • High-quality teaching evident across the school
  • Teachers display deep understanding of the subject knowledge they teach
  • Subject leaders have the knowledge, expertise and practical skill to design and implement a curriculum
  • Feedback in lessons challenges children’s thinking addresses misconceptions and leads to pupils identifying the next steps in their learning.
  • Leaders ensure that interventions are appropriately delivered to enhance pupils’ capacity to access the full curriculum.
  • Teaching allows for children to develop sustained knowledge and they are provided with opportunities to integrate new knowledge into larger ideas.
  • Develop a language rich environment that promotes children’s spoken language and understanding of key vocabulary.
  • Reading for pleasure has a high profile
  • Reading is prioritised to allow pupils to access the full curriculum offer
  • Develop a mastery approach to writing
  • Record children’s learning journey in the foundations subjects using Pupil Asset
  • Achieve the NACE award IMPACT
  • Pupils develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum and as a result they achieve excellent outcomes (attainment and progress)
  • Pupils work across the curriculum is of a high quality
  • Pupils are ready for the next stage of education

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Attendance for all pupils (including identified groups) is above 96%
  • PA for whole school is in line with the national average 8.8%
  • Improve the punctuality of targeted families
  • Pupils attitudes to education are highly positive