More Able Pupils

‘More able’ pupils are those who have ability or abilities beyond the large majority of their peers and who consequently require more challenging learning.  At Pyrcroft Grange we recognise the importance of identifying these children and providing them with learning that will enable them to reach their full potential.  Research shows that, aside from the extremely gifted, it is detrimental to teach children subject content that is too far in advance of their year group.  What is crucial, however, is for able children to be stretched and challenged within the subject matter of the year group within which they are working.

At Pyrcroft Grange Primary School, every child has access to Quality First Teaching in which differentiation (matching teaching and learning to the relevant needs and abilities of pupils) will ensure that all pupils have access to a relevant and appropriate curriculum.  This may take the form of extension (providing challenges which go more deeply into a topic) or enrichment (providing other activities which go alongside the normal curriculum and go more broadly into specific areas of study).  Enrichment activities currently provided by the school include weekly singing lessons delivered by a visiting opera singer and specialist computing teaching.   Within the classroom, teachers use a range of flexible learning and teaching strategies to keep the ablest children interested and provide them with challenge, such as higher order thinking skills, questioning, problem solving and independent learning.  This is supported by the close monitoring of the progress of these children within half termly pupil progress meetings and the setting of subject specific targets to develop their learning.

The school is also a member of NACE (National Association for Able Children).  NACE specialises in working with teachers to improve learning for high attaining pupils to turn ability into achievement for all.

Pupils with particular talents, such as sport or music, are regularly celebrated in assemblies and are awarded a Headteacher certificate.  In Key Stage Two, the House system develops leadership skills for the older children in the school.