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As educators, we understand the vital importance of reading to not only enhance and support children’s progression in English but also to help children gain a broad and balanced view of the world. We understand the magic of opening a new book and the places you can go with it.

Children read regularly with teachers and support staff, not only to practise their reading skill but to ensure they are reading from a variety of texts on different subjects but also to help them understand what they are reading and be able to discuss their books.

Guided Reading happens daily, in small group sessions led by the teacher or teaching assistant. Classes visit the Library weekly to choose new books to read at home. They will also have a class reader – levelled initially and then free choice – which they should read nightly. A record is provided for parents and teachers to record reading observations in.

At Pyrcroft Grange we have subscribed to the primary reading and phonics programme "Bug Club" for Early Years and Key Stage 1 and 2.

We know that our children will catch the "reading bug" using the phonnic based reading programme where they ca conect to an online reading world at home and at school with access to fantastic print boks ad comics packed with child-friendly characters like Doctor Who, Wallace and Gromit, Ben 10, and a whole host of others.

Within each level there is a carefully planed progression of books. This fine progression gives children plenty of opportunity to develop their reading skills, comprehension skills and master each fine step while moving through the reading programme.                                                                                                                                                                     

Each child has a personalized homepage where they'll find the e-books they've been allocated by the teacher and motivating rewards. This ensures that each child can find a book exactly the right level for them. The online reading world ensures children can access independant reading resources anywhere at any time. New books will be allocated regularly. Teachers throughout the school incorporate Bug Club on a daily basis into their lessons such as phonics, English and guided reading and our children really love it.

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