Assessment in COIN and SEN

In the centre we aim to demonstrate good and outstanding progress for all our children as well as emphasising their achievements. in judging that progress is at least good , by using CASPA we are able to compare progress against robust comparative data.

We are able demonstrate whether each COIN pupil is making the best possible progress, we can set challenging targets and track against them, and look at the performance of the centre as a whole picture in line with the progression of the whole school.

CASPA allows the attainment and progress of our pupils to be bench-marked against the attainment and progress of other children of the same age, level of prior attainment and categories of Special Educational Need, using comparative data based on the analysis of results submitted to us by users of CASPA. 

It  takes account of the circumstances of individual pupils, both for the review of historic progress as well as when considering targets for future progress.  By providing a robust and reliable measure of progress and identifying potential areas of concern, CASPA allows us to take appropriate actions to improve outcomes for pupils.

CASPA uses both PScales and National Curriculum levels for outcomes of all subjects.

To support the analysis which CASPA is able to provide for the COIN we have also undertaken the use of B SQUARED assessment materials which allows us to further create a robust target setting system and an ongoing record of assessment and progression for each child.

We are able to import all our data from B SQUARED to CASPA very simply to allow for a complete analysis and comparative data for each child.