Family Learning

The school values the working relationship they have established with parents and understand the impact parental involvement has on children's progress and achievement. Throughout the academic year family learning sessions take place each term and are linked with a school focus area.

What does family learning involve?

Parents/carers are shown how we approach specific areas of learning in school, how we scaffold their children’s learning and skills and strategies parents can use at home when they are learning alongside their child. After a brief talk the children in each class do an activity/game with their parents adopting some of the strategies talked about in the family learning sessions. Parents and children complete an evaluation form together.

What are the benefits of family learning?

  • It builds strong communication between parents and school
  • It gives parents the tools to extend children's learning further
  • Children really enjoy learning alongside their parents

What has been the impact of family learning?

  • Communication with parents has deepened
  • Parents' responses on the evaluation forms were really positive and parents are talking more confidently with teachers about their children's learning
  • In Diamond class parents are coming in to read with their child and other children on a weekly basis
  • Comments in home school books are specific and sometimes linked to the reading assessment focuses
  • Children understand that they are learning beyond the classroom environment.  They are keen to work alongside their parents on a regular basis

What next?

  • To hold family learning sessions linked with the school project being launched in September 2016 Be The Best You Can Be.

Family Leaning timetable 2016-17

Autumn Term Week beginning Monday 13th November 2017 Mastery Maths
Spring Term Week beginning Monday 26th February 2018 Guided Reading
Summer Term Week beginning Monday 11th June 2018 Science