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Transition to Secondary School

At Pyrcroft Grange we want children to be lifelong learners and strive for success. We aim to help our children make a smooth transition from primary to secondary eduation. 

A benefit of being in the Bourne Education Trust is being able to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of the schools within the trust. A 'Transition Team' was set up in summer 2014, in conjunction with Jubilee High School and Epsom and Ewell High School. This consists of three Assistant Head Teachers who work alongside one another to create a smooth academic and emotional journey between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

The aims of the Transition Team are to:

  • Curriculum map English and Maths across Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 to minimise overlaps of taught concepts
  • To observe good practice in either school so that teaching and learning can be developed to benefit the education of children
  • To create good communication links between local schools
  • Prepare the children for their secondary transition into new schools and routines
  • Promote accelerated progress without causing gaps in children’s education

What this means at Pyrcroft Grange

Through the Transition Team, children in Year 6 have been able to access different subjects, for example Art and Design Technology one afternoon a week at Jubilee High School.  This has also filtered down to Year 5, with children being taught French by specialist secondary school teachers.  Year 6 pupils have benefitted from the teaching of an accelerated reading programme to further challenge more able pupils.  Children have also been exposed to problem solving and reasoning, led by a maths specialist, to further challenge children’s mathematical thinking and reasoning.

A curriculum map has been established with the help of the Transition Team and other local primary schools to carefully plan and plot concepts taught in year groups, and, how best to start the teaching in secondary school.

A clear, concise transition programme is set for the Summer Term for pupils to attend transition days at their chosen secondary school. Close links have been formed to ensure the smooth transition of data and information.

Click here for information from Surrey County Council on applying for a secondary school place.

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