• Equality

Disabled Access

In order to ensure equality at Pyrcroft Grange Primary school, we regularly monitor and update the physical environment according to the children’s needs.

The school is on one level and there are ramps leading out of all the exits. We have 3 external electric doors fitted so that every child can be independent. All floors have carpets and every door is wide enough for wheelchair users to pass through.

Lighting has been fitted throughout the school to ensure the children with Visual Impairments or epilepsy have the correct lighting to meet their needs. There have also been blackout blinds fitted in every classroom to ensure all the children can see the Interactive Whiteboards.

There are disabled toilets and a shower in the SNSC with electric hoists, beds and a washing machine. There is also an adult disabled toilet in KS1 and a disabled toilet in the Upper KS2 building with an electric hoist and specialist equipment so that all the children can access it independently. We work closely with the O.T. and Manual Handling services to ensure all the correct equipment for the children’s needs is available to ensure their self help skills are being met.

The playground is accessible for all our children and the Trim Trail has recently been adapted so that our wheelchair users are able to access parts of it. There is also a Quiet area so that the children on the Autistic Spectrum have somewhere to go if they find the busy playground too challenging to cope with.  

For additional information, please also see the Pyrcroft Grange Disability Equality Scheme and Accessibility Plan, which is located under 'Policies' in the 'Our School' section of the school website.

Characteristics of our school population (as of September 2015)

The 2010 Equality Act places a duty on the school to publish the following information:


  Early Years Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Boys 15 30 58
Girls 17 26 52
Total 32 56 110


Ethnic Groups

Ethnic Group Number Ethnic Group Number
White British 141 Bangladeshi 2
White & Black African 9 Black African 1
White & Black Caribbean 0 Any other mixed background 4
White & Asian 4 Gypsy/Roma 12
White European 10 Traveller of Irish Heritage 2
White Irish 1 White Other 1
Indian 5 Refused 6

Special Educational Needs

STAGES No. of pupils  
Centre Statements/EHCP 18  
Mainstream Statements/EHCP 4  
SEND Support Arrangements 21  
Total Mainstream 25  
Total   43  
Autistic Spectrum Disorder 14 7
Physical Disabilities 2 1
Emotional, Social and Mental Health 0 8
Speech, Language and Communication   3
Learning Difficulties 2 6
Total 18 25


English as an Additional Language (EAL): 9.6%

Free School Meals: 16.66%

Pupil Premium: 32.32%