• Sports funding

PE & Sport Premium

Sports Funding 2016-2017

Amount of money received £8,830

Our school aims:

  • Children have a good level of fitness
  • Children demonstrate good development and progression in skill acquisition, agility, balance, coordination and creativity
  • Children have a positive attitude towards physical activity, challenge and team work
  • Children have a good attitude towards competition
  • Children are willing and confident to take risks
  • High levels of participation are maintained
  • 85% achieve expected levels of attainment in all year groups.

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Impact of Sports Funding 2015-2016

  • Staff are confident teaching the PE National Curriculum and have opportunities to develop their teaching of key skills further.
  • PE has a high profile within the school curriculum and regular assessment of key skills is planned and focused teaching of key groups is planned for.
  • Children identified as future footballers and selected to train at outside clubs have been fully supported by the school.
  • Purchasing of sports equipment  means children are experiencing more positive playtimes due to a wider range of sporting equipment available e.g. badminton, skipping ropes and netball. The increase in appropriate sporting equipment has meant that the children have more opportunity to develop their skills.
  • Development of staff member as Chair of ERPSSA has led to a significant increase in the schools participation in events in the local community.
  • The school offers a range of after school clubs and actively promotes them in class assemblies.
  • Children in Year 6 were given the opportunity to lead, manage and organise sporting events. They attended regular training sessions with the PE teacher to enhance their leadership skills and develop their knowledge of various sports and their rules.