Parent Weekly Update

Dear Parent/Carer

 We have moved into uncharted territory from today and no doubt despite all of our best efforts in using the technology to find creative ways to teach and upload weekly teaching ideas, there will be issues as we all get used to our new reality. Thank you for your support and patience. We are operating on a skeleton staff as requested by the Department for Education and are not always able to answer every email we receive currently. I am therefore trying to capture some of the current issues in my updates to parents. We are aware that many web based programmes and other systems are struggling to cope with the unprecedented national demand. Hopefully things will improve in time. 

I fully understand that some parents will be concerned about how their children will complete all the home learning activities set. We are aware not all work set will be completed within the time frame set and children and staff need some flexibility. The children should try to make sure they pace themselves, have lots of breaks and not worry overly if something is not done immediately. Their teachers will understand. I have been advising staff to be careful when setting work that they provide a range of learning activities that the children will be able to complete independently and with adult support. It is difficult to judge the pace at which children will complete learning and with this in mind there is a list of additional websites children can access on the school website under the tab COVID 19. I am fully aware that some parents do not have the internet at home and we will try our hardest to print learning packs for children and leave them outside the main entrance for parents to collect.

The number one issue here is for no one to feel overwhelmed whilst we are still getting used to this new way of working.  

We are now very close to finalising a system to ensure provision for those entitled to Free School Meals. Parents and carers of those entitled to Free School Meals will be receiving a text and/or email regarding this shortly.

All the staff at Pyrcroft Grange Primary School want to celebrate the children’s achievements. If your child has mastered a learning skill for example their timetables or they have displayed one of our school’s key values (resilience, co-operation, respect, communication, enquiry, love and honesty, tolerance, thoughtfulness, responsibility, achievement and adaptability) please let us know.

Please send any achievements to me via 

I will write again with further updates in due course. 

Yours sincerely,

Sue Nardoni (Head teacher)