Parent Update Week 14

Dear Parents and Carers,

I really cannot believe we are into July already; the term is going by so fast and we only now have a couple of weeks left until the end of term. This week saw the return of our wonderful nursery children. They were all incredibly brave and after kissing goodbye to their Mummy or Daddy at the gate they walked into nursery independently. It is so nice to have every part of the school echoing to the sound of children laughing and learning. We have missed that and it signals that things are gradually returning to something like normal. Those children who remain at home are never far from our thoughts and we miss them all. Well done for the continued hard work you are all putting into home learning.

I know that more local attractions and venues are opening up and it is tempting to stop the home learning and begin the school holidays. However, the teachers are still working hard planning weekly home learning and it is essential that children do some home learning each day, especially reading.

We are excited that the government announcements yesterday indicated that if things continue as they currently are, all children will be back in school in September. As a school, we are busy planning for this. Teaching staff have been looking at our curriculum for September to ensure we prioritise any gaps in skills and knowledge, whilst maintain our broad and rich curriculum which we value and which is a key element of what we offer here at Pyrcroft Grange. We are also planning for the wellbeing and emotional support that some of our children may need and we are preparing our teaching and learning strategies to help children adjust back to school and the rigor and focus of school life.

The Senior Leadership Team and I are also busy working on new risk assessments and practical plans to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members of the school community so that we can return to as normal as possible, as soon as possible. We want you as parents to have full confidence in how the school will manage the situation, knowing we are considering and managing all the risks. As we have been throughout, we are well supported by The Bourne Education Trust and I will be able to share further details with parents next week.

This week, we have continued to host our TEAMS online lessons across the school, from Year 1-6 for children who are not in school. These have been a great success and it is lovely to see so many of the smiling faces we have missed. The children have enjoyed seeing their friends and sharing their lockdown experiences.

Children’s reports will be going home this week. They reflect how hard your children worked up until the school closed in March and we are very proud of every pupil. The children in school will bring their reports home and if they have a sibling they will bring their reports home as well. Other reports will be available to be picked up:

  • Monday 6th July 10.00-11.00am Year 6 and Year 5
  • Tuesday 7th July 10.00-11.00am Reception and Year 2
  • Wednesday 8th July 10.00-11.00am Year 1 and Year 3
  • Wednesday 8th July 9.00-2.00 Nursery (from nursery building)
  • Thursday 9th July 10.00-11.00am Year 4
  • COIN reports will be posted home

Message from the Governing Body

The school year may have been disrupted, but the passion and diligence shown by everyone at Pyrcroft Grange certainly hasn't! Thank you to every-one for playing their part and remaining positive and engaged. The staff and leadership team have been nothing short of incredible, adapting to new teaching techniques, challenged to think of every child as an individual with their unique circumstances. The Bourne Education Trust have also been fantastic in their executive role. As a governing body, the LGC has been adapting to a new operating model and remit too; we look forward to continuing this work next year.

On behalf of the governors, we wish everyone a fantastic summer break, and look forward to welcoming everyone back in September.

Take care and keep safe

Sue Nardoni