School plans for full re-opening in September

Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing to you to update you of our plans following the publication of the new government guidance for the full opening of schools in September.

We are delighted that we will be able to welcome all pupils from Year 1 – Year 6 back on Thursday 3rd September 2020.

Reception children will start school on Tuesday 8th September. Each Reception child has been sent an invite to a settling session on Thursday 3rd or Friday 4th September.

Pupils will be kept in year group bubbles throughout the school day and as such, we have had to make some changes to the normal procedures in school. Pupils within their year group bubbles are not expected to socially distance from each other however, they are still required to socially distance from all staff where possible.  There will be additional cleaning in place to ensure that high standards of hygiene are evident.

All children will be expected to come back in full school uniform and can return to using their normal bags/book bags and PE kits.

In order to keep all pupils and staff safe there are some changes that have been in place since June 2020 that will need to remain in place, along with some new procedures;

  • There will be no assemblies in halls, however members of SLT will run some assemblies in class.
  • There will be no class assemblies/ events etc where parents are required to attend. We will be holding our meet the class teacher later in the autumn term.
  • Parents are not to come on site, except to drop children to staff at the designated drop off point.
  • No parents to enter the school office - any meetings required need to be by appointment only. Communication with the school office should be via phone, email or pre-booked appointment. Children MUST bring all their belongings with them at the start of the day.
  • Parents are expected to adhere to class bubbles when travelling to school and to support the school in adhering to social distancing both on and off site.


Government guidance confirms that attendance at school from September is compulsory.

If you are going abroad over the summer break, please follow the government guidance as to whether your family will need to quarantine for a period of 14 days. This quarantine period will need to be completed by Thursday 3rd September.

We understand that some children and parents have been away from the school environment for a significant period of time and may be anxious about returning in September. To reassure you the school has rigorously followed the safety measures laid out by the government and we put the safety of all members of our wonderful school community at the forefront of all our decisions.

Beginning and end of school day

Please see the attached timetable that shows the allocated start and finishing times for each year group and their designated drop off point; this will be available on the school website. We have tried to consider the siblings we have in our school community. We understand that siblings have different drop off points but have allowed time for movement between points. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. Since we invited year groups back in June this system has worked effectively and we believe that by continuing this on a larger scale we can continue to keep the mixing of children and adults to a minimum. It is important that children arrive promptly at their  designated drop off point.



If possible, please walk to school. If you need to drive please be considerate to local residents when you park your car.

Hand washing

Pupils will be expected to wash their hands on entering the school building and will be encouraged to wash their hands/ sanitise their hands at regular points during the school day. Any parents with appointments will also be expected to use hand sanitiser on entry into the school office.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The wearing of a face covering or face mask in school is not recommended according to Public Health England guidance.

School Meals/lunchtimes

Children will be able to have a school dinner or bring a packed lunch. We will be using the dining hall for school dinners but it will be set up so children are not facing each other and tables and benches can be wiped down between sittings; these sittings will be staggered. Some year groups will be eating packed lunches in classrooms.


Each year group will have a designated playground zone and they will have equipment that they keep within their bubble for a week and then it will be left untouched for 72 hours. Adults will be teaching the children a range of fun games that encourage social distancing and positive pupil interaction. Please remember to send your child into school with their named wellington boots to be stored in the class wellington boots sheds.


When the children return we will initially be offering a “recovery curriculum”. Class teachers will be focusing upon children’s well-being, re-building positive relationships and re-igniting pupils’ passion for learning. Teachers will spend time assessing children’s understanding of key concepts in the core subjects and planning their lessons to cover knowledge and skills the children will have missed due to the school closure. Reading is an essential tool and teachers will be leading guided reading sessions each day. Each class will have their own set of reading books and children will be bringing home a reading book. Teachers will also be allocating children suitable books on Bug Club. Please encourage your child to read every night as being able to read fluently opens the door to a broad and exciting curriculum.

Pupil tables will not be grouped as previously but instead all tables will face the front of the classroom. In each class there is a red marked area around the teacher’s desk and work space to remind the children to socially distance from staff.

Pupil behaviour

We fully appreciate that some children have been away from the school environment for a long period of time and we will need to adopt flexible and appropriate behaviour strategies to support pupils settling back into school.

Breakfast and after school club

Breakfast club will operate the same as it did before school closed in March 2020. However, within the breakfast club we will need to socially distance the children by siblings or year groups. Therefore, parents will need to book their place online before attending. Parents will walk their child to outside the main school reception area and wait by the stop sign until a member of staff arrives.

In September the Gap Club will be operating within our school for after school care. We are very excited about this new working partnership. More details on their booking system will follow shortly. Any enquiries please email

Extra-Curricular activities

For the first half term we will not be operating any after school clubs as we are not permitted to mix year groups. This academic year we will not be running homework zone and individual class teachers will be working closely with parents to ensure weekly home learning is completed. Mrs Perkins will be sprinkling her magic in Year 6 and children will be invited into school for booster classes.

Suspected or confirmed case of COVID

Staff and children should remain at home if they are feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms of COVID 19. Please visit the NHS website for a list of symptoms. Parents must ring the school office 01932 564094 if their child is not attending school and provide a reason for absence.

If a child is taken unwell during the school day with a COVID 19 symptom, they will leave their class bubble and be looked after by a familiar adult in the isolation room. A parent will be phoned to collect their child promptly. It is essential that you inform the office if you have changed your contact details. Parents will be asked to arrange for their child to have a COVID test. While the child and family are awaiting the results they should self-isolate. With this in mind we are asking that parents collect siblings when they pick up their unwell child. If the test comes back negative and your child is feeling better, they can return to school. The guidance clearly states that while a class bubble awaits to hear the results of a child sent home they can still attend school and do not need to self-isolate.

Schools must take swift action when they become aware that an adult or child has tested positive for coronavirus. The school will contact the local health protection team. The health protection team will work with school to guide us through the actions we need to take. Based on the advice from the health protection team schools must send home those people who have been in close contact with the person who have tested positive, advising them to self-isolate for 14 days since they were last in close contact with that person when they were infectious.

If a year group bubble is advised to self-isolate for 14 days, the school will provide remote learning for those pupils.

Risk assessment

It is a legal requirement that schools have a risk assessment that is re-visited and updated as is necessary. Our school risk assessment will be published on our school website.

Please be reassured that if there are any changes to government guidelines over the six-week summer break, we will write to you to update you of our plans. If you have any questions please ring me at school 01932 564094 to discuss or send me an email

Can I please take this opportunity to thank all parents for supporting their children with their home learning and we look forward to seeing the children’s smiling faces in September. Have a wonderful summer break and keep safe.

Kind Regards

Sue Nardoni