WWII Visit from Ian Roberts

Our World War Two Topic – A Visit from Ian Roberts

Last Tuesday, we were very lucky to have someone come in called Ian, who was a specialist historian and who could tell us all about WWII. As we walked in to our hall there were many and various activities for us to complete. These included learning how to put out an incendiary bomb with a Redhill Box which was full of sand, learning how to use a stretcher correctly keeping our backs straight, handling real toys from WWII, learning how to use a special hose called a stirrup pump from the war to put out fires and lastly experiencing what it was like inside a real Anderson shelter. We had to work together in many of the workshops and we got to share all the different tools Ian brought. It was a really interesting experience and we know other year groups would love to do something like it again.

While we were using the water pumps, a strange man (who we later learned was Ian in disguise) came to ask us what the bus number was and where the local bomb factory was. In fact, he wanted to know where all our factories were. Most of us thought he was a German spy. He had a strange bag with him which there was something in it. A few minutes later, after the man had gone, the air raid siren went off, we went back to the hall.

After lunch, we had another set of things to do. We had to draw different types of posters and we learned that Walt Disney drew posters about carrots to inform people that carrots can help you see in the dark. This was a made up plan that adults told children. It was also a story told to fool the German army into thinking our pilots had night vision to make sure that they did not find out about how we were using radar effectively.

Ian (who was now acting as a police officer) told us that whilst we were at lunch, a woman came in with a bag that looked just like the one the man we saw was holding. Inside the bag, was a parachute. There was another case to look in, it had a camera, a pair of binoculars and lots of pictures of Nazis. We were able to work out that the man was trying to find out classified information.

On one of the tables there were three Morse code boxes. We had to figure out what the code was saying, you would have dots and dashes as certain letters. What a great day we had, we all went home super excited, thinking about all the things we had done on Tuesday.    

By Max, Ana, Tash & Jake