Artsmark Gold Award

We commend the outstanding commitment you have shown to developing a wide range of cultural and artistic opportunities for pupils attending Prycroft Grange Primary School. Pupils have benefited by having the opportunity to develop projects and shape the development of arts through the arts council, and your decision to increase the range of members was very positive. In the future members of the group may wish to share their learning, to support other schools develop their arts policies. You have also provided a number of authentic experiences for pupils and teachers, which have improved outcomes and enabled both groups to display their work at a local exhibition. The digital learning and library bus initiatives have been successful, with measurable effects and we look forward to hearing about how these develop. You now need to allow time for initiatives to embed and then identify areas of best practice. Learning from these initiatives can then be shared to help support local schools improve outcomes. You will then be in a strong position to become a leading advocate for the positive impact arts and culture can have within schools.

Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award!

Arts Council England celebrates your ongoing commitment to arts and cultural education at a leadership level, and the opportunities established across your whole setting. Your children and young people are offered equal opportunity to plan, experience, participate in, and evaluate a broad range of high-quality arts and cultural activities, and you recognise the importance of development opportunities delivered by specialists for your staff that have measurable effects in these areas. You engage with a range of arts and cultural organisations and other settings, and can evidence the positive impact of these partnerships. Your children and young people have an opportunity to further develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of arts and culture, and you are working to share the good practice you have established.