New House Teams Announced

House captains

Our Key Stage Children two children have been really busy thinking of new names for our four houses.  Earth, Pluto, Mars and Saturn had been our house names for many years and we had decided that it was time for a change. 

Many of our children and parents have been racking their brains over the summer holidays and there were many wonderful (and occasionally odd!) suggestions.  Rivers, countries and authors were all suggested but after some deliberation it was agreed that our new names would be those of famous scientists and medics.  Mia Talbot from Year 5 came up with the names and the judges were particular impressed with her reasons, given below:   

Edison (YELLOW)  - ‘because Thomas Edison invented the first lightbulb and they are yellow’

Hawkings – (BLUE) ‘because Stephen Hawkings studied black holes and they have a tint of blue’

Nightingale – (RED) ‘because she was a nurse and the red cross stands for nurses’

Einstein – (GREEN) ‘because he was really into science and there are lots of green chemicals’

Well done Mia!

Good luck to all our house teams this year.  House captains, house competitions and other house positions can be found on our House Teams page