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  • 7th Dec

    Pyrcroft Grange Primary School - Consultation on the proposed opening of a new nursery

      PYRCROFT GRANGE PRIMARY SCHOOL-CONSULTATION ON THE PROPOSED OPENING OF A NEW NURSERY Following on from the Outstanding Ofsted rating awarded to us in December 2016, Pyrcroft Grange Primary School is delighted to now be looking at opening a nursery within our extensive school grounds. From research already carried out we believe that our nursery would be well received, but we understand the importance of consulting with the community as a whole to ensure we are providing what is needed and wanted. We propose to offer provis...
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  • 30th Sep

    New House Teams Announced

    Our Key Stage Children two children have been really busy thinking of new names for our four houses.  Earth, Pluto, Mars and Saturn had been our house names for many years and we had decided that it was time for a change.  Many of our children and parents have been racking their brains over the summer holidays and there were many wonderful (and occasionally odd!) suggestions.  Rivers, countries and authors were all suggested but after some deliberation it was agreed that our new names would be those of famous scientists and medics.  Mia Talbot from Year 5 came up with the names and the judges were particular impressed with her reasons, given below:    Edison (YELLOW)  - ‘because...
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  • 15th Sep

    Launch of the Homework Zone

    This academic year we are launching the homework zone in the school library on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 3.20 - 4.15pm. Pupils who regularly complete homework that is set to support, consolidate, apply learnt knowledge and skills as well as challenge their thinking through open questions and projects usually make expected or accelerated progress over a period of time. Completing homework develops children's sense of responsibility and ownership of their learning. It is an excellent opportunity for parents and carers to become involved in their child's learning journey and spend quality time together, communicating and sharing ideas. Each day two teachers will be in the homework zone to support and model the teaching strategies that are used in class to support learning. Day Teachers Monday...
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  • 1st Sep

    BET authors lesson content for new, online teaching resource facility

    BET has been working with Uteach Lessons ( to establish a new form of online teaching resource that aims to substantially reduce the burden of lesson preparation and planning. Cloud-based and available as either a MAT or school wide solution, Uteach Lessons offers: * comprehensive coverage of lesson requirements for both primary and secondary schools – KS1 to KS4 * a full academic year of lesson content for maths, English, the sciences, geography, history and much more * presentation in a consistent style and format * instant accessibility via an internet browser from any location at any time * the ability to present lessons in their original form, or the option to edit, store and later present lessons that reflect a teacher’s preferences, style, and the specific requirements of their class * the ability to review lessons on the move via the mobile app that accompanies the platform. Uteach Lessons allows the great work carried out by our teaching staff to reach...
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  • 11th Jul

    Academic Success 2017-18

    As we approach the end of the academic year it is time to reflect on the school’s academic success for 2017-18. Since September 2017 the children have displayed a positive attitude to learning and throughout the year their resilience and ability to reflect on their learning has developed. During the assessment window in the summer term the children rose to the challenge and believed they would succeed. Everyone in the school community is very proud of our children and they deserve the results they achieved in their end of year assessments and SATS tests. Well done
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