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Year 5 - Opal Class

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Mrs H MacLennan Mrs J Cooper Mrs D Quinn Mrs A Sanders
Class Teacher Higher Level Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant (AM) Teaching Assistant (PM)


Summer 2 2019

Y5 Investigators


Investigators - The Big Idea

These days we have lots of science knowledge at our fingertips; it can be found quickly and easily on the Internet. The science knowledge in books and websites is what other scientists have discovered in the past. To discover new things ourselves we need to be able to be able to ‘do’ science not just ‘know’ about it.

During this unit we will learn how to ‘do’ science. We will learn several, important, scientific skills. These skills can be used in a whole range of scientific situations. However we will use these skills to investigate one branch of science: materials and their properties. We will also see how these skills can be applied to one real world context – the exciting world of forensic science!

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