• Emerald

Year 2 - Emerald Class

Miss A Carnochan Mrs L Jones Mrs L Glennon Mrs S Murphy
Class Teacher Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant (PM)


Summer 2 2019

Y1 Water World

Y2 Whats it made of


Water World - The Big Idea

Water is important to all living livings – without water there would be no life on Earth. We use water every day. We depend on water to stay clean and healthy, just like the many plants and animals we share our world with. Not everyone in the world has clean, fresh water – but we can help to change that, because water is for everyone.

What's It Made Of - The Big Idea

Everything we touch is made up of a material: wood, plastic, fabric, glass, gold, steel, etc. We use different materials to make different objects. Why? We are going to find out!

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