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Reception - Diamond Class

Mrs L Roberts Mrs R Ahmed Mrs A Chennell Mrs D Quinn
Class Teacher Class Teacher Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant (PM)


Autumn 1 2019

Y0 all about me


All About Me - The Big Idea

This half term we will focus on developing the children’s listening and attention skills. The children will be taught how to be a good listener and engage in various activities and games to practise these skills. We will also focus on developing friendships and getting to know their peers. During group activities the children will be taught to take turns, find compromise in conflict and have confidence to hold conversations with their peers.

We will be exploring the theme of our families and our homes. We will talk about the members of our families. The children will have opportunities to explore family customs and routines through story, role play and small world. The children will also begin to explore the traditions and celebrations that take place in different cultures.

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