Better Reading Partners

Better Reading Partners is a reading intervention which aims to improve children's fluency and understanding of what they have read and so enable them to access the whole curriculum better.

It is aimed at children who are reading above a Level 5 but who have not made expected progress. Initialy an assessment is performed to find out which level phonics the child is on and which tricky or high frequency he or she knows. The child is also asked what they think of reading, whether they like it and why they think it might be important. These assessments are also carried out at the end of the intervention as well.

The programme runs for 30 sessions (approx 10 weeks), 3 sessions of 15 minutes a week. During each session the child will read two books - a previously read familiar book and a new book from the level they are currently on. The child will be taught techniques to improve their fluency and their expression. Children are shown different strategies to decode words and begin to read in sentances with the intention of becoming fluent readers who enjoy reading.  By the end of the 30 sessions the child should have made at least three Benchmark Levels progress in reading.

All TAs have been trained in Better Reading Partners and it has been introduced in Year 1 to Year 6 where we have already seen some great progress.