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At Pyrcroft Grange we teach writing following the principles of Talk_for_Writing, which uses regular talk to support children’s progression in writing. Children learn familiar stories verbally and are given opportunities to role play them and retell them with partners and in groups. They map the stories using pictures and discuss challenging vocabulary. Over the course of the unit the children make changes to an original story, making it their own and building on the confidence they have built up through verbal retelling. Finally they can rewrite their own stories sharing and building on their experiences early in the unit.

Writing across the curriculum is also encouraged, so that children can apply their skills in different situations.

In KS1, children follow a structured phonics programme, using a variety of online resources.   Children are regularly set spellings to learn so that they are fully prepared for their phonics screening and SATS assessments at the end of KS1.  In Year 2,  when they are ready, children move onto the KS2 ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ scheme (see below).

Explicit spelling teaching continues throughout KS2.  Children are set weekly spellings and use a variety of resources, including individual spelling journals and interactive games, to develop their skills in this area the curriculum.  The school uses a scheme called ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ to structure the spelling programme.

Please click on the link below to see the Talk For Writing guide for progression in writing year by year.


Spoken Language

The development of spoken language from the early years is imperative in ensuring progression in English. Staff model proper English in class and encourage children to speak to one another using appropriate vocabulary. Sentences can be modelled in class through the use of “language structures” which allow all children a framework through which to share their ideas. In KS1 and KS2 children are encouraged to talk through ideas in all subjects, using talk partners (or, chatty chums in KS1). Our Talk for Writing program supports the use of drama and role play in the early stages.

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